In an innovative concept-driven fundraising event, working professionals and students with disabilities will present designer adaptive clothing at an upcoming fashion show to be held on January 8 in Chennai. These showstoppers will grace the ramp with their presence to spread awareness about the need for such clothes.

For Shalini Vikasan, the designer behind this concept, it all started two years ago. Fresh out of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Shalini’s creative mind was looking for a new project and it was her loved ones who gave her inspiration.

“We often don’t see how the clothes designed for able-bodied people can be troublesome for the disabled. Take buttoned-up shirts for example. Some cannot even button their own shirts; they need someone’s help for that. While designing these clothes, I considered all these problems and came up with solutions that’d ease life for them,” says Shalini.Curabitur ultrices tortor vitae mi tincidunt egestas. Fusce nec neque ac mauris iaculis molestie ac in leo. Integer consequat maximus magna, vel imperdiet nulla aliquet non.

After designing shirts with magnetic buttons and pants with Velcro for her husband, Shalini designed a one-piece sari for her aunt who is also wheelchair-bound. Her aunt could only wear maxis and being a religious woman, it troubled her that she couldn’t go to a temple in that outfit. Realising her problem, Shalini designed a one-piece sari with pleats and blouse that can be worn as a housecoat.