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We wish to bring many good things to life.

Who We Are

We Rise by Uplifting Others

Kaustuba Pratistana widely indulges in the service of the society for the social upliftment of the downtrodden including those with disabilities and old age irrespective of gender, religion, caste or creed. The main activities of the organisation are empowering Persons with Disability (PwDs), Inclusive education for children with disability and underprivileged, providing medical care and basic amenities to Senior Citizens, Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID), and Women empowerment.

Kaustuba Pratistana was initially called as ‘Kaustuba Charitable Trust’ which was founded by Late Sri. B. Rajanna and two of his friends. After his death, Sri. N. Nagaraju joined hands with three of his friends to renew the activities of the trust and renamed it as “Kaustuba Pratistana ”.


We Are Helping Hands

Kaustuba Pratistana was initially called as ‘Kaustuba Charitable Trust’.

Our Vision

A society with inclusive development

Our Mission

“Contribute towards the empowerment of various marginalized groups and promote an environment where every person enjoy inclusiveness in the society”

Our History

The trust was founded by Late Sri. B. Rajanna and two of his friends. After his death, Sri. N. Nagaraju joined with three of his team to the trust and renamed it as Kaustuba Pratistana.

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What We Do?

Kaustuba Pratistana firmly believes in treating every individual equal irrespective of disabilities. Inclusive education system, where the Persons with Disability(PwDs) will gain education along with other fellow mates in a regular school is a dream project of the organization. Hence it is striving hard to achieve its dream

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The community based rehabilitation helps Persons with Disability(PwDs) by establishing programs for social integration, equalization of opportunities and physical therapy for the disabled. The organization genuinely believes that CBR will have a positive impact in making the Persons with Disability(PwDs) equal participant in the society. CBR makes the Persons with Disability(PwDs) equivalent to the normal people in all the possible aspects. And the organization is also striving hard for the same.

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Sports is the aspect of human life which enhances the physical activeness and builds an attitude to strive for fair play. Kaustuba Pratistana believes in building a sportsmanship in every individual by extending their support in training the Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) by identifying their interest in sports. This is an effort aimed at making them mentally strong to face the challenges of life.

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Skill upgradation of a person in one such aspect which becomes a means for gaining an employment. To earn their livelihood, an employment is a must. Our youth is facing unemployment due to lack of specialized skills in the present scenario. To bring a change in their life, Kaustuba Pratistana provides skill training for the unemployed youth of vulnerable sector of the society. This vulnerable sector comprises of the Persons with Disability(PwDs), youth with financial crisis, unemployed youth, Educated but unemployed youth etc. We are committed to bring a up-moving change in our society through inclusive approach towards skill development, employment and sustainability.
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We encourage individuals and corporate to come forward to volunteer at all our project.