Medical and Social Rehabilitation


Despite several efforts and schemes by the Government there are still several areas in the rural India where quality health services do not reach. Kaustuba Pratistana works with medical service providers of repute to organise health camps in rural areas and also through. Community Based Inclusive Development(CBID) Programs. The programs carried out include.

  • Organising awareness camp about disability
  • Organising health camps
  • Organising health and nutrition camps
  • Training village rehabilitation workers and anganvadi workers in identification and early intervention skills

Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID):

The Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) helps Persons with disabilities by establishing programs for social integration, equalization of opportunities for the disabled. The organization genuinely believes that CBID will have a positive impact in enabling PwDs to become equal participants in the society. The aim is to provide education and livelihood programs in the communities of rural and semi urban areas to reduce the congestion in urban areas and bring down the costs of such programs. Also to ensure people in the target areas have access to health and other facilities with ease.


Senior citizens of the society are sometimes most neglected due to various reasons. Kaustuba Pratistana recognises the need for the care of senior citizens. The organization feels that the seniors are to be given special care by providing constant care and medical attention as per the need. The organization also works towards the betterment of the unattended seniors. This involves keeping them in sound physical and mental state by making them a part of different activities, upgradation seminars and by providing exposure towards other community based activities. Apart from above mentioned activities we also organise preliminary health care for senior citizens.

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